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Melinda Doolittle

Welcome to Melinda Doolittle Club.  The Hottest Fan Club On the Web in support of American Idol Season Six Finalist Melinda Doolittle.

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We are constantly updating the Melinda Doolittle Club website and we've got some exciting new updates coming soon with hot new Melinda Doolittle news, videos, music, Melinda Doolittle CD information and more.  Enjoy the site and be sure to check back often for all the latest news on Melinda Doolittle and all the hottest American Idol news and updates!  As always, take some time to see what's new at Melinda Doolittle Club.

Now that all the season six hoopla is far behind us, and a brand new season of American Idol season 8 has begun, we're going to be revamping our Melinda Doolittle Fan Club home to cover all the latest and greatest in the life of Melinda Doolittle.  We were all incredibly shocked when Melinda was voted off of American Idol Season Six.  Yes, it was another disappointing season where clearly the best did not win.

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American Idol Season 8 Final Three.  Who was your pick?  We loved Adam Lambert to win it all, and while he did not win, we are confident he will have a long, successful career!  Good luck to both Kris Allen and Adam Lambert in the future!

But for those of us who have watched and enjoyed Melinda, we feel it's a very safe bet that Melinda should and will go on to enjoy the most lucrative and rewarding career of all the idol competitors from season six.  Support for Melinda has been absolutely incredible as we received thousands upon thousands of support Melinda Doolittle write-ins.  Keep em coming!  We love what you have to say and we will continue to post your comments, feelings and lingering reactions to this past Idol competition.  As we work to modify our site to cover the post-Idol era of Melinda Doolittle, please enjoy the Melinda Doolittle Club website and our coverage of the last season!


Who is the best Idol of all time?


Melinda Doolittle
Carrie Underwood
Kelly Clarkson
Jordin Sparks
Ruben Studdard
Chris Daughtry
David Cook
David Archuleta
Elliot Yamin
Clay Aiken
Blake Lewis
Taylor Hicks
Katherine McPhee
Jennifer Hudson
Bo Bice
Kelly Pickler

Melinda Doolittle Club - What's new this week:
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Obviously, American Idol surprises just don't cease to amaze us any longer. Since the far-too-early elimination of Melinda Doolittle, there is really nothing that can shock us any more.  Adam Lambert was far better and will go on to have one of the most illustrious careers of any Idol alum, but the declaration of Kris Allen as this past season's winner was again....another shock.  We like him a lot, but just feel that Adam was better.

American Idol Season 7

Michael Johns was perhaps the only "shocking" exit of the 7th American Idol season, however for us, nothing will ever be as surprising as Melinda Doolittle's early departure from Idol more than one year ago.  Nevertheless, Idol season 7 is over and.....


So while David Cook, David Archuleta - also knows to Idol fans as "The Davids" - and the hot lineup of Idol season 7 contestants has finally produced a winner, we still continue to constantly field emails asking about a Melinda Doolittle CD. 

Here is Melinda Doolittle's first CD single, My Funny Valentine.  Use the link on the left to order your Melinda Doolittle CD today!


During season 6, the write-ins were flying in. This is just some of what Melinda's fans were saying during the American Idol season 6 competition.

Melinda Fan Comments

Melinda fan comments about her early idol elimination are still coming in today!  almost two years since season six began and people are still angry about Melinda's departure from American Idol.  Now THAT is fan support! 

Read fan comments now!
Here is what we had to say about Melinda's elimination from season 6.  It was way too soon, and to this day, we're still feeling the aftereffects!

Read our comments

Here is what we originally posted about Melinda Doolittle and American Idol Season Six when the final 12 competition kicked off in the sixth season

Turn on your television and all idol reports will focus on two great talents.  Melinda Doolittle and Lakisha Jones.  It seems that Melinda Doolittle's name gets first mention on every news program that reports on American Idol. Every season, we all seem to have our favorites, but how can anyone overlook Melinda Doolittle as a standout and heavy favorite?  Melinda can sing!  Her vocal range is amazing, her voice powerful, her stage presence full of confidence and self-assuredness. Even Simon Cowell loves her and that is saying a lot.  Like him or not, Simon Cowell is often the driving force behind who stays, who goes home, and who goes on to fame and fortune.  He rode Carrie Underwood all the way to the bank two years ago, pinning Carrie as a favorite from audition day through to the end.  He was right all along and today, the success Carrie has achieved is amazing.  He was partial to Chris Daughtry in last year's competition, and he was right again.  It was the fans who got it  VERY wrong in season five, and Daughtry's early and quick success proves both the insight and persuasion of Simon Cowell and his words from week to week. For now, we'll let the whole Jennifer Hudson fiasco go ignored.  Simon didn't think Jennifer had what it took to remain in the competition, and look at her now.  'Nuff said.

Perhaps the trait that makes Melinda Doolittle so unique among the American Idol finalists, past and present, is her modesty.  Melinda Doolittle is genuine. She sings.  She wows us time after time.  She cries when she advances to the next round as if she is truly surprised.  The beauty of this, SHE IS!  We're not surprised at all as Melinda Doolittle advances through rounds of the world's most popular singing competition on a weekly basis. 

Nevertheless, she is grateful with each passing week that the home viewers vote her along.  She clearly does not think she's above anyone else in the American Idol competition (but she is).  She takes the stage to do a job, and week after week she floors the audience, yet always seems so surprised that we love her as much as we do.  So as Idol grows in leaps and bounds each year; as the contestants grow on us, and the American Idol ringtones, playing cards, shirts, accessories and all sorts of American Idol merchandise continue to swarm the internet, there's a new kid in town who we think will be as marketable as the idols who have preceded her; and that is Melinda Doolittle.

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