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Melinda Doolittle Fans Speak!

Here are just a few fan comments during and shortly following season 6 of American Idol.

I think if Melinda sings "If I Were Your Woman" (by Gladys Knight) she will hit a home run and win it all. She has proven that she deserves to win this competition and I'm a huge fan. All fans must vote, vote, vote for Melinda. - Irene, Texas

I think Melinda has already won -- she wanted to prove to herself that she could be a headliner and she has done that in spades! I can't wait for her first album! Winning the whole AI thing will be frosting on the cake. She is the only one Bon Jovi said had "made the band" . She can perform. She is a different person once she is on stage and I love watching her sing! I am glad I started watching AI this year.  - Deborah P, Ocala FL

LADY MELINDA!!! What more can I say?! Every time I talk 2 my fiancÚ when you're on Idol, I refer you as 'My Girl, Melinda!! You are THEE BEST contestant there EVER WAS & IS since the show's airing!! When you sang "Home" from the play 'The Wiz', I literally had chills forming on my arms & that was when Paula Abdul had tears in her eyes!!! You have a phenomenal GIFT from God girl!! I will definitely follow your career AFTER Idol and oh yes, YOU WILL WIN THIS SEASON TOO!! I know it!!! One Luv,  - Yolanda D, Hempstead, NY

I believe Melinda Doolittle is a true artist who is not afraid to take criticism and understands it is to her advantage to listen to it, mull it over and use what advice is given to her in her best interest. She is a professional in that respect. I am behind her all the way.  - Kimberly B, Oklahoma City, OK

Melinda is the next American Idol - if there's any justice in the world... if anybody knows what talent is.  - Kay, Flint, MI

Melinda deserves to be the next American Idol... I think in terms of vocal ability and musicianship, she is in a class above the rest of the contestants. And the way she "emotes", understands the lyrics and how to communicate the emotions of the song, is truly amazing. I haven't been a big fan of American Idol, until I watched Melinda sing her audition performance of "For Once in My Life", then I thought she's the one to watch this season! And now I'm a big fan! And whether she wins it or not, I just have this feeling that she's going to really make it big! And I will be there to buy her CDs and attend her concerts! 
- Randomguru, San Diego, CA

I think that Melinda is a great talent and has been very consistent with her performances. She is a breath of fresh air in a sea of mediocrity for this season. If she does not win this season then the voters got it wrong ....AGAIN
- Cathy K, Ontario

American Idol is not about talent anymore, it is a popularity contest. Year after year, the most talented people are voted off and the less talented stays in the competition. Take Taylor Hicks as an EXAMPLE!! WHERE IS HE TODAY?
- Maddy, New York, NY

I am a huge fan of this remarkable woman. I know that she will do amazing things. to Melinda--- Keep working hard and I know that the Lord will continue to bless you.   - Carolyn T, Greenville, SC

Melinda, You have made me start singing again. Your music is always with me. I hope you win!!!! if not, I will still follow your career. God bless.
- Nicla D, Toronto, ON

I sure do miss your wonderful singing. I hope to find a cd on the store shelf someday soon with your beautiful voice and lovely songs on it. Please continue running the good race.  -  James M, Show Low, AZ

OMG!!! The woman is AMAZING!!! I never watched American Idol before, and if Melinda doesn't win - I won't ever watch it again. I just watched during top 24 selection to see what the big deal was. I thought she was awesome from the first moment I listened to her sing. I have watched every week - to see what she will do, how thrilling her next performance will be. The lady gives me goose bumps when she sings. I have NEVER felt so much excitement and hope for a person I don't know to do well. My heart stops every Wednesday when they read out her name - I am so terrified that she will get "Jennifer Hudson'd". I choke up when I see the hope mixed with trepidation on her face as she waits to hear if she is moving on the next week. As for her vocals - I am hoping that she will have the most successful career of any IDOL. I can not get over how no song is too big for her - no genre is out of reach. She is simply amazing and blessed of God. Melinda - I wish you nothing but the best in your life. In my heart you will always be the ONLY American Idol. I can hardly wait to buy your first album and to see you in concert. In world filled with "celebrities" she is on a very short list of people that I would like to meet in person and wish well. Continue to sing on the wings of angels - and to remind us (your fans) that GOOD things DO happen to GOOD people.  - Christie, Madison, AL

Melinda - My favorite contestant of all 6 seasons. She has a brilliant understanding of music and never fails to touch my soul when she performs.
- Kathy G, San Diego, CA

This girl is beyond amazing. She is clearly in a league all her own - no one comes close. And it's funny to watch Simon in particular try to make it seem as though it's a contest...because there isn't any. Jordin is fabulous - but she is way too young to crown an Idol. Melinda is older, and gives life to songs - some that hardly had any when they were first recorded! There hasn't been a more wonderful person that Melinda Doolittle on "A I." And there sure hasn't been anyone more talented. She is truly the best that there ever was. I cannot wait to see her take her rightful place among the greats. Melinda has been compared to some fabulous talents - Tina Turner, Gladys's another - it's Ella Fitzgerald's birthday tomorrow. From Beyond, I almost hear her call Melinda's name. Let's send all of our positive energy and prayers to our girl! 
- PDH, Baltimore, MD

Melinda Doolittle, a breath of fresh air, is clearly the person to beat this season. With her powerhouse vocals, delivery, and honest to goodness humble attitude, Melinda is truly poised to be the next American Idol. I can think of no other person in the competition that even remotely holds a candle to her. Furthermore, it is my belief, she will make any record company who signs her millions of dollars. I can't wait to see how everything shakes out this season. GO MELINDA GO!!!  - Brad L

If Melinda Doolittle is not voted the next American Idol, then, yes, the voting is definitely not fair. And I agree with her comment where there have been some great talent voted off already. However, Melinda by far is more talented than anyone I have seen this year. Last year it was Paris Bennett who has much the same talent as Melinda but she was voted off much too soon. That made me turn the show off. This year, with Melinda's talent and expertise, if she doesn't make it all the way, I will be convinced the voting is not fair and I probably won't watch it again. One thing is for sure, I adore Melinda. I only hope that "show biz" doesn't cause her to turn away from her commitment to God. It would be extra special to have her as a Christian witness in the business. I love you, Melinda! 
- Steve L, Palatka, FL

Melinda has had my vote since before the Top 24. Even in the auditions I was very impressed with her. Even if she doesn't win, which she should, she will still get a contract and I will definitely buy her CD. You GO MELINDA - you are blessed with a wonderful voice and personality.  - Ronda L, Springfield, IL

Melinda rocks!!!! She's absolutely fabulous. What a voice! I wish I could vote from Brazil, but unfortunately I can't. I just want her to know that she would have loads of votes here!!!! I do hope she becomes the next American Idol. She deserves it.  -Marina Cardoso, Sao Paulo, Brazil

You are by far THE best contestant that has ever been on AI!! Everyone else should just go on home and stop wasting everyone's time. You have no worries!
- Jackie Q, Winston-Salem, NC

- Victoria C, New Jersey

Melinda is awesome! She has the voice and looks. She is also so sweet and innocent. If that Sanjaya Malakar wins Idol, this will cause bad publicity to the show. This will also not allow SINGERS to become known in the world. Melinda is appreciative and enjoys every moment on idol. If she doesn't win, I will scream. I screamed and cried when Chris Daughtry got voted off as he should have won. Well, I have to go. Melinda Doolittle is America's next Idol!
-Elizabeth, Owings, MD

We're down to some serious talent among all the finalists, but Melinda really stands out. She is the only one whose first CD I am raring to go out and buy. I've heard the same from my friends when Idol chat comes up. She definitely needs to record My Funny Valentine! She has so much character to her singing, I hope she does find good songwriters and producers. Whether she wins Idol or not, I'm looking to buy that first CD!  - A.J., Mountain View, CA

I love A. I. more than ever because it found Melinda Doolittle. I tape her performance every time and watch over and over. I am so lucky to be able to see how she translates every single word with her beautiful vocals. I can't wait to buy her first CD!!! Good luck, Melinda! you always have my vote...
-Wayne P, Pittsburgh, PA

I truly can't wait till next week!! She is AMAZING !!!!!!!! I hope she wins.
-Eunice H, Chilliwack, BC

I adore Melinda and believe she has more charisma and performance ability than any previous American Idol performer. Her voice, interpretation, control over her instrument, musical feel, vocal chops, inner and outer beauty are, to me, unmatched. But I worry, because she is precious and must be protected from the Hollywood vultures. I don't want them to lay their mits on her and "sexify" her the way they did, say, Kelly Clarkson who lately seems like just another blond screecher-slut. Thus, let's pray for Melinda not to win AI but to find the right producer -- please God, not Clive Davis -- a producer who will help her craft an amazing record that has carefully thought-out song choices, superb arrangements, and a crystal clear sound that captures Melinda Doolittle just the way she is, no embellishments necessary.  -Judy Sue K, Los Angeles

What everybody else said! What is she even doing on American Idol? Her peers are Aretha and Gladys. LaKisha is great too but doesn't have the mellowness to her voice that Melinda has. Melindamania! No doubt! -Sabrina O, New York NY

Melinda Doolittle will be our next American Idol................You go girl. You have my vote Melinda GOOD LUCK.  -Norma O, Crosby, TX

I love how she is so humble and always surprised when she isn't voted off. She has an amazing voice and seems to change personalities while on the stage, kind of like Beyonce. It's amazing.  -Christie, Fayetteville, GA

BEST SINGER EVER. Holy #$%^$**!!!! (What was Simon's problem 3/27?)
-Maria M, Los Angeles, CA

Melinda Doolittle is the best of the American Idol contestants so far. She is a true artist. Jazz and Blues and Folk singers are many times the most talented musicians and singers but Rock, Pop, and Country Pop usually make the radio airwaves in their simplistic styles and mediocre singers. The best Talent show singers that I have ever heard so far on American Idol and America's Got Talent are Melinda Doolittle and Bianca Ryan, both singers are gifted and sensational. Just like Bianca buried her competition last Summer, unless American Idol turns into a pin-up poser contest then Melinda Doolittle wins this year's Idol hands down. My Funny Valentine was simply a gorgeous interpretation, she reminded me of Sarah Vaughn, and she was one of my all-time favorite singers. Melinda Doolittle has the most talent, we'll see if America votes for the best singer, or the next pop wanna-be or teen heartthrob. Melinda Doolittle is just an exquisite singer and performer! She's the winner in my book.  -Steve S., Fort Wayne, IN


Melinda is like DA BOMB. I can't believe she wasn't discovered before. Keep on rockin' Melinda!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!  -Samantha H, Toledo OH

I love Melinda Doolittle more each week.  How much better can this young lady get?  She is absolutely amazing and I can listen to her sing for hours on end! I am already looking forward to next week.  -Jen P, Minnetonka, MN

YEAAAAH!!!  GO MELINDA  Another week of blowing us away with your beautiful voice and stage presence.  I just can't get enough of this young lady and I can't wait for another week of Melinda Doolittle.  Good luck Melinda!   -Cynthia E, Woburn, MA

My family and friends are all crazy about Melinda Doolittle.  She is always a pleasure to watch and listen to. I completely expect Melinda to be among the final 2 or 3 singers left in this year's competition.  -Beverly R, Miami, FL

Wow. What a singer. I get goose bumps whenever I listen to Melinda. It is so nice to see such a beautiful person with talent like this. She is a breath of fresh air and exactly the kind of person whom everybody can admire. It's nice to see Melinda Doolittle in this year's American Idol  -Kathy S, Sarasota, FL

OMG!  What a beautiful person and a beautiful voice. Melinda Doolittle can sing like nobody else. I hope she wins. It will definitely come down to Melinda and Lakisha Jones.  I will be happy if either of them win.  -Beth C, Denver, CO

We love Melinda! Maybe the best voice American Idol has had ever! What a talent and fantastic singing voice. Go Melinda!    -Jill K, Los Angeles, CA


The Next American Idol could be Melinda Doolittle