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This is what Melinda Doolittle Fans think about Melinda's stunning departure from American Idol Season Six.  We are still receiving write-ins every single day from people still expressing outrage at the shocking elimination of Melinda Doolittle!



I have watched American Idol since season two, and in my view, Melinda is the best singer they have everrrrrrrrrr had. We need some more Melinda to truly make it a singing competition. After she was voted off, I did not even watch the finals because for me it became a popularity show instead of a singing competition. She should have won the 2007 American Idol. Melinda I am still waiting on you to release your CD. I think you could become the next female Luther Vandross. All the best to you from The Bahamas.  -  Denise F, Nassau, Bahamas

The greatest ever!!!!!. It is hard to believe she didn't win. What is wrong with America? It is SO hard to believe she lost out to Sparks. She will do well. Thank God she won't have a commitment to any one record label-unlike Jordin. America got it SOOO WRONG!! Simon has her back. He was clearly disgusted by the outcome.  - Bryan, New York

So who will win American Idol now? Who cares? The season is over for those of us who were excited so see someone with real character and talent make a showing in the land of the vain and the vacuous. Melinda, I hope someone with more sense then American voters is signing you up for a nationwide tour. I'll be at the front of the line if you are singing anywhere within 100 miles.  - Paul, Los Altos Hills, CA

Melinda Doolittle
was the best American Idol in season six. She should have won. I hope she gets are record deal soon. Miss you Melinda.
- Ethnie P, Bloomfield, NJ

I have been awaiting a CD from Melinda ever since the end of Season 6. Kelly Pickler (please!) has been surprisingly prolific. Melinda, we need you! I haven't done single song downloads and am hoping for a CD. Thanks.  - Carol, Summit, NJ

I knew the first time I heard Melinda sing on American idol that she should win and there was no contest. I keep looking for her CD to come out. like where is it. she has the most outstanding voice and can sing just anything handed to her. So why haven't we seen a cd yet?  I would love to see one with some of the songs she sang on the show, like AS LONG AS HE NEEDS ME, I'VE GOT RHYTHM, AND SWAY. Get that CD out
- Terry J., Lake Worth, FL

Once the auditions ended nearly what about 3 months ago, I knew or at least thought I knew that the final had to be between Melinda and Lakisha. And although I am from Lakisha's home State of Maryland and truly wanted to support my alumni, it was Melinda who stole my heart with everything imaginable. Her voice which I have no doubt is second to NONE, but her as a person is much more than just a breath of fresh air. It's become very obvious to me that the mainstream of the Idol vote, is very BEE-BOP with kids that have nothing better to do than to sit and redial the vote number for the entire 2 hours following the show. Until the voting becomes either a pay-per-vote, or limited to 1 vote per phone number, I'm done with American Idol. American Idol certainly doesn't mind charging fee's for downloading the most recent songs performed by the contestants. As we all saw last year, the best in Kelly Pickler, didn't even make it to the final 4. And so far, her road to success had far exceeded that Taylor Hicks. Melinda, if you can hear me, even though you didn't win the contest, the one good thing that American Idol has done, is put you on the map. There's a championship career out there waiting for you to take not only as a powerful vocalist, but a true role model for your fans to love and cherish hopefully for many years to come. I know I speak for many when I say that I'm extremely anxious to hear from you real soon! I know that once your success gets well on it's way, not only will you be a true champion (figuratively speaking), but your representation as champion will be nothing short of that of class and will wear the crown well. All My Love, Tony  
- Tony K, Pasadena, MD

Dear Melinda, You are stellar. I think you deserved to win and the only reason you didn't was because the younger crowd, who may prefer performers like Blake or Jordin, are much more frenzy about voting and voted 10 times with each cell phone in the household. The kind of crowd who appreciated your true talent is more mature, but not necessarily old. We voted once or 3, 4 times max. regardless of the outcome I wish you so well, and would love to follow your path to success. From here on, I am not sure how it goes, which producer will contact you, what kind of look and style you will take to hit the chart. It will sure be a discovery for you. I see you sometimes like Tina Turner and sometimes like Anita Baker, just to name a few great stars. I can't wait for your first album, and hope you will show to everyone to range of your talent. You go Melinda!! sing on, rock on, I am waiting for you. Sincerely, Drey. Since I am an artist and own a business doing custom pop art, I would be honored to make a portrait in Andy Warhol style of you as a gift. If you visit you can check it out. Let me know if I can do something to show you my appreciation for your talent. God Bless
- Aicon, San Francisco, CA

Melinda stole my heart from the start and she is the best singer ever on American Idol. She will always be my American Idol just like Clay Aiken. I'll buy every CD that she will make. I'll never watch American Idol again! - Glenda B., Highpoint, NC


I am so sorry that American has gone deaf. You are an absolutely great singer. You will go far. After all some of those who did not win have achieved a lot. Take Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson to name a few. Hold your head up high. If anything the American Idol experience has really given you the confidence that you needed. I remember your audition and baby, you've come a long way. I am looking forward to your first album and I will definitely be in line to buy it. Keep on singing. Love your fan, Kathie - Kathie R, Brookings, OR

I won't ever watch Idol again. America got it wrong!! Melinda, we love you and can't wait for your CD's to come out!!  Your talent is awesome! Even though you got voted off you are still OUR American Idol!!! - Sue B, Elkhart, IN

The appropriate response is, next week, turn it off, or flip the channel. - Sal, Pueblo, CO

I was shocked and horrified when Melinda was sent home. She was amazing throughout the competition. I am eagerly awaiting the release of her first CD!  - Becky, Naples, FL

I cannot even believe they are sending Melinda home, and that Blake made it to the final two. She is such a classy lady, took it with such grace. Melinda you are such an inspiration to everyone! God bless you!  - Joann, Arnold, MI

Idol does not deserve you - Go out and sign with a better label - Lots of us will buy your CD because you are the best! Remember Chris last year? Number 4 on Idol and Number 1 with America.  - Jan, Laguna Beach, CA

She is an amazing singer, but she just got voted out. I was so sad, but she was so gracious about it. 
- Ellie, British Columbia

Melinda, You deserved to be the winner of American Idol. My entire family and office was voting for you. The best of luck. You are an amazing singer and a strong person. You are an inspiration to all of us. We will be waiting for your first CD. 
- Cristina, Arkansas

My little girl and I never expected you to go home tonight. We just knew you would be the next American Idol. Is America nuts? We still think you are wonderful and you have been an inspiration to my daughter. We can't wait to buy your first CD. - Kim & Nikki W, Booneville, AR

Girl--you were robbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get down to business, get a recording together, and get the message out. You are destined to make country music history. - Beth, Dawson Springs, KY

I have absolutely loved watching American Idol this year--because of Melinda. She has captured our hearts and spirits, and been a true example for young girls today. Thank you for sharing your light with us all...and your amazing talent.
- Sissy G, Nashville, TN

To this day I can't believe she didn't win season 6. They should really do something about the call in voting system. It seems to me that people, primarily teens, keep on texting and calling many times over. I also wonder how many ''older people" call in. I think if more people (of mature years-lol) called in she might have stood a better chance of winning. Any idea when her debut CD is coming out-can't wait. She is going to go far in the music industry. I wouldn't be surprised if she does better than Blake in the future. Actually I think it is going to be another Daughtry situation. Hhe didn't win AI but look how well he is done. It appears you don't have to win a singing contract to go far. We'll see.  -Bryan, NY

MELINDA! DO NOT get your head down! It is an outrage that you were voted off! I stayed up and voted for you. My family and I are so upset we will not be watching the finale. They need to change the voting system so we can vote for who we want to leave! You are the best singer I have ever heard. You are CONSTANTLY perfect. I'm sad to see you go. My family and I have watched every single one of your performances, and we will buy your CD! Keep going and don't let anybody tell you that you are not AMAZING! Good Luck with all that you do and thank you for being an inspiration! 
-Catharine, Dallas TX

I will miss seeing her next week. I look forward each Tuesday to see what she will sing. Hope someone helps her record something quick. She was definitely the best singer on the show. Am not sure if I will watch AI next week. At this point, I don't think I will. Too hard to watch it without the real class of the group - Melinda. What a wonderful gracious Christian person. She was a great example as a role model. I am so sorry this happened to her. - Jean, Fullerton, CA

Melinda, don't feel too bad; they voted for George Bush too. Voting only selects the best candidate when those casting the ballots aren't idiots. You are a hero for those us who think that character should still matter. - Henry, Newbury Park, CA

Melinda, you are the reason I began to watch American Idol!!!!! I can't believe that America got it soooo wrong. You are the only contestant on the show that I would go out of my way to go see. I live in Vancouver, BC. I am also a struggling professional musician. You have still beaten the odds. Please come to Canada some day (preferably Vancouver.) I would love to see you, or even better, back you up. What an honor that would be. ( I'm a violinist/fiddler who also sings but since I'm over thirty I'm too old to try out for any idol contest) All the best in your career. You Rock. That stupid popularity contest means nothing. You are the winner! I love you! - Nicole, Scoffield, CA

I was very sad to see you go but as far as I'm concerned you are still the WINNER. I am looking forward to your first album. God Bless. - CTM, Anaheim, CA

Melinda you are OUR American Idol!!!! - Kevin, Cedar Rapids, IA

Well, American Idol has entirely lost its Integrity. People here in the Philippines have been rooting for Melinda all throughout the show. How the hell did she get eliminated? I don't believe she lost in votes. Is it America who wanted her out or is it American Idol? I heard something about Nigel who's at the back of this shocking event... is it true??? We are all disappointed and we will not watch the show anymore. Even the station airing the show here will surely lost its sponsors. Too bad. American Idol is finished!  Rebecca, - Baguio City, Philippines

Melinda is TALENTED, HUMBLE, and ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! Clearly she was the best singer between the top 3 and even Simon (who rarely has anything nice to say) admitted that she was incredible! Unfortunately, America had another one of its idiotic-i-don't-want-to vote-for-the-best-because-it's-to-much-like-right moments...I hate it when that happens. But! EVERYONE knows Melinda is going to have a recording contract and be successful. Personally, I knew she could easily win and that she was without a doubt the best singer, and it was only a matter of whether or not she would receive the title. Although she will not be the official American Idol, Melinda was an exceptional representative of the black community and a favorite throughout the country. BEST WISHES TO MELINDA FOR FUTURE SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS...YOU'LL DO FANTASTIC!! To Jordin and Blake: You're cute but you don't compare. Nevertheless, good luck and may the 2nd best singer win. - Gianna F, Goodlettsville. TN

I was just shocked! I felt like it was a dream when Ryan Seacrest said Melinda was going home! I have been a part of an American Idol Chat room and I had a bunch of women placing votes for me, because I'm Canadian and I can't vote. These women spent the whole two hours voting for Melinda and they had their families helping them vote. We wanted her to win soooooooo very badly. I quit the chat room once it was said Melinda is not in the competion anymore. I couldn't see why I should stay on? I don't care for either Jordin or Blake. What a joke of a show it will be. Everyone knows Blake isn't worthy to be in the finale which means Jordin will win. That makes for very dull TV. I hope Simon knows just how valuable of a singer Melinda is and offers her a contract anyway. I know he loved Melinda and he looked disappointed in the results. I just hope he steps up and gives her a contract anyway. God Bless you Melinda! We were soooo heart broken to see you go. You deserved this AI title but regardless you are a star! And we'll be seeing you again soon. I will look forward to your first CD! Your fan, Eileen  - Eileen J, Vancouver, CA

Dear Melinda, I feel it was so unfair that you were voted off of American Idol. I do hope and pray that you continue your singing career. You are such a talented young woman and I will most certainlly purchase your recordings. May god be with you dear, good luck and pray to see you in the future. Sincerely Linda.  - Linda S, St. Louis, MO

I think Melinda will do just fine,-no-better then fine, she has an awesome career ahead of her. God used the American Idol experience as a vehicle for her. Now she has the name recognition and will be able to record what ever kind of music she wishes. Personally I hope she does some gospel and contemporary worship along with soul or whatever she decides to record. The girl gives me chills when she sings! Melinda, girl you are phenomenal! What a gift the Lord has blessed you (and the rest of the world along with you) with. I will be waiting patiently for your first CD and the next, and the next and... God bless Melinda Doolittle-what a class act she is! To me she is SO much more than an "American Idol" -she is a person I would want my granddaughters to model after. What a gracious exit she made last night, humble and sincere to the very end. May the Lord continue to use and bless this fine young lady!  - Emma, Wisconsin

I am a 21 year old male. I absolutely loved Melinda I scoffed at people who said she shouldn't win and didn't have emotion, energy , or was fake. I believe she was 100% real and loved almost every single on of her performances. She emoted on every word of every song, and really tried to change them up and make them her own. My jaw hit the floor last night when Ryan said she was going home. After 2 nights ago I figured she was a lock to make the finale. She will be fine and have a better career than Jordin or Blake (who will fade into oblivion ala Taylor Hicks, when people realize they don't want to hear a CD with beat boxing that covers up marginal vocals). I like Jordin as well but to me she seemed like the fake one, Melinda is far and above the best contestant ever on American Idol and seeing her not make the finale is a travesty.  - Chris, Hempstead, NY

Yes, it's a shame that most of America don't recognize the best, by far, singing and performing talent that Melinda displays. This proves that AI is more a popularity contest, especially with teenie-boppers, than it is a singing contest which it was originally designed to be. So because of all the teenie-boppers with their cell phones, the best performer went home last night. I was totally disgusted and outraged along with the rest of you. No matter what, Melinda still has a fantastic future and is nonetheless a wonderful performer and singer. I love you, Melinda! - Steve L, Palatka, FL

Wednesday night's elimination of Melinda surprised me at first because she's clearly THE mega-talent on Idol this season. Jordin can sing too, and Blake's a good contemporary entertainer, but for sheer vocal quality, power and range, Melinda is the total package! In retrospect, I guess I'm not so surprised. It's the young people who vote over and over again for their American Idol favorites, and it's easy to see that Jordin and Blake would be the teeny-boppers' favorites. The mainstream listening audience simply didn't vote enough. All three will go on to have successful careers, of that I have no doubt. The exposure gained in Idol is going to prove invaluable - you don't have to be "THE" winner in order to be a winner with American audiences! - Laura R, Springfield, MO

Melinda, We're dealing with the public. That is, the public that voted for Bush. As far as I'm concerned, you are in a different league. That is, your singing is a throwback to singers like Billy Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald & Tina Turner. The reason why you didn't win is because the the majority of voters are in the 20's or younger. They don't have the capacity to understand talent. Also, these young people are looking for more Beyonce's. People like me and there are sooo many fans, absolutely love you. American Idol will not dictate your career. I have high hopes for you and as soon as your CD is released, I can think of 30 people off the top of my mind who will buy it. I adore you. As a person, you shine inside and out! Love, Bettina, Evan, Lati, Byron, Carole, Stuart - Bettina J, Hoboken, NJ

I can not believe it. My mind is STILL reeling, even 12 hours later. I can't believe they didn't vote for you. The only thing I can come up with is that after Simon's heavy praise Tuesday, people thought you were a shoe in and didn't vote. Melinda - you ARE a star. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't go. Find out who Jennifer Hudson's agent is. Put out an album, at least you will have the freedom to choose your style and won't belong to American Idol now. Melinda you still have thousands of fans that cast MILLIONS of votes for you. I wish you well. My heart broke for you, and for dumb America last night - it really did. I STILL want to see you in concert and I don't normally go to concerts. I STILL want to buy every album you release. Your voice still rides on the wings of angels. Love you Melinda - you're the best!  - Christie, Madison, AL

The only reason I watched Idol this year was to hear Melinda sing. I was never hooked on it as most singers were good, but no one has ever been as outstanding as Melinda. I have absolutely no interest in watching next week. I don't care who wins between Jordan and Blake. They are both mediocre. Melinda if you make an album I will definitely buy it!! - Denise P, Toronto, ON

was the most consistent of all the contestants. It is sad that we can not have talent as the 1st priority and not all the other crap. I think after 6 years and Sanjaya it may be time to add a last minute judges interference. The judges may have to have the final say.  - Tracy S, Pittsburgh, PA

Stunned! How could this have happened? I am an older watcher of Idol. Could it be that the young vote voted more? Jordin is good, Blake can dance and do-dad, but you, Melinda, CAN SING! I feel this will not affect your future. As Paula correctly said, "you have made it already." BEST WISHES! - Joy N, Pinson, TN

Melinda, we think you are just amazing--your voice, your humility, your character. My wife and I are *HUGE* fans of yours and we look forward to buying your first solo album. Please don't make us or any of your other fans wait too long for that, okay? :) I truly wish you the very best in all that you do -- in your career, in your personal life, and in your continued praise of (and work for) God. I am a teacher and I just want to thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for being such a positive role model for all of America's young people. We love you and will be praying for your continued success. You truly are *our* "American Idol."  - Steven S, Wise, VA

Melinda is by far the most polished professional singer that this show has ever produced. Its a travesty that she didn't make the final show but it won't halt her singing career one bit. If you look in the past you will find the 3rd place finishers - Chris Daughtry and Elliott Yamin for example - have gone on to do very well. She will do even better. And it couldn't happen to a nicer person! - Kevin A, Toronto, ON

You know what? I love and adore Melinda because she bowed out gracefully. No crying, no wailing, nothing like that at all. I believe she's gonna carry on and live a full and successful life. She's an inspiration to people like me. Sometimes I feel like I'm not where I need to be and that I should break out of the routine and live the dream. Melinda, you're awesome and I can't wait to buy your album! - Dana M, Fort Myers, FL

I was so disappointed when Ryan said Melinda was going home. It does not matter that the American people did not support her, she is still a WINNER. Melinda is a lady with must grace and if she continues to allow the Lord to lead her path her future in the Music Industry just begun. I can not wait to hear from her. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR UPCOMING FUTURE. YOU ARE TRULY AND (W O M A N).  - Robin D, Knoxville, TN

Melinda is the BEST VOCALIST that has ever been on the show. As a musician myself, it took only a few seconds after hearing her to know who should have been the winner this season. I am really tired of people thinking that yelling, screaming and sound noise is music. Hang in there Melinda. I believe there are great things ahead for you!!! 
- J R, Tulsa, OK

I predict that Melinda will be our next Aretha Franklin or Gladys Knight. She is truly talented and I can not express the depth of her talent. From the very first time I heard her sing, I knew that she had "It". I came to work and told my co-workers how much Melinda moves me. I was so sure that she would become the next American Idol. I understand that Melinda's voice must have been a bit mature for some of the American Idol voters. Let it be known that if Melinda were to announce a concert today, I would be first in line to buy a ticket. A note to Melinda.......You are the best and the mature people of this world knows it! Your talent is immeasurable and you are indeed one of the GREAT ONES. I AM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN.  - Teresa, San Pedro, CA

The bottom line: You ARE the best, and I WILL buy any and every album you produce for myself, and copies for my family and friends. You're the only Idol contestant in the history of the show who's singing has impressed me so that I actually cared about the show, or who won. You are not a tiny-bopper - you are a class act in the genre of Ella Fitzgerald, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Annie Lennox, and many others ignored and underappreciated by children. Stay there! I will be there with you as your most devoted fan! David  - David S, Portsmouth, RI

Your president is Bush, your heroes are Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith, and you're surprised the singer with the most talent was voted off???????  - Audrey, Vancouver, BC

Unfortunately, youth overshadows talent. I will buy any CD she makes....Melinda was the best of all the idols! 
- Pat, Freehold, NJ

I'm still in shock. What can the American public be thinking? Clearly Melinda is the winner no matter what the votes indicate. Melinda, I can't tell you how disappointed I am that you were voted off. You have the most amazing vocal talent and I can't wait to buy your debut CD. I will follow your career and know that you will go down as one of the greatest in the history American musical talents. The only reason I suffered through this year's Idol was to hear you sing each week. I will no longer watch or follow Idol and feel strongly that it's time to end the show. There has been no one like you since Kelly Clarkson - you are an enormous natural talent, a lovely young woman that displays grace, dignity and composure beyond your years. You are truly admired by so many, including this 61 year old grandma from St. Petersburg, Florida. Love you Melinda.  - Rosie, St. Pete, FL

I was shocked when Melinda was kicked off. All three of the finalists are great, but she was the greatest. I know she has a long career ahead of her. She was so poised throughout the whole show, that just shows her professionalism. I felt so sorry for her Mom too. Hang in there Melinda!!! You've got a huge fan in Bellevue Washington. - Teri R, Bellevue, WA

Hey Melinda... no doubt you should have been the winner of idol this year never mind just being in the finale.. I think Blake is a decent entertainer and seems like a good guy, but he cannot stand up to a quarter of your vocal talent and presentation. You really put yourself into you performances and we love you for it. We wish you all the best on a sure to be glorious career. It is a shame that true talent only takes you so far in these types of contests, but in the long run, true talent prevails in the end. (Chris Daughtry anyone?) Take care, and we wish you all the best.  - Jim H, Welland, ON, Canada

I was sick last night when Melinda got voted off! I had no doubts that she would at least make it to the finals, if not win! I even woke in the night feeling disappointed. She is the reason that I looked forward to watching AI every week. She did not waste a note which made every performance a pleasure. Everyone else paled in comparison. I find Jordin very dull and have thought all along she was a calculated win. Too bad I was proven right. I hope that Melinda is swamped with quality record labels that want to record a sensational album for her. She can do well in any genre. I hope she tries them all; I will buy any and all of her albums. Just tell all those tone-deaf AI voters: Have a Nice Day! - Vanessa N, Rancho Bernardo, CA

I think she is better off not being on the show anymore. She is WAY beyond that. The girl is a fantastic singer. We have not heard the last of her. I for one will not be watching AI anymore. What a farce!!! - Kirk C, Ferndale, WA

From the very first time my family heard you, we fell in love with both your personality and your incredible voice and knew the competition centered around ONLY you as the winner. You are a combination of all the greats and you are not even in the same league as any other of the contestants. We all wish you incredible success and will continue to warmly support you in the future! We look forward to hearing your name at an upcoming awards presentation and hearing you on every radio station! - Carlie E, New River, AZ

I can't believe that Melinda was voted off and that Blake Lewis made the finals! Melinda is the best singer EVER on American Idol and she did deserve to get her shot at the finals! However, I know that this is probably what is best for her career because now she won't have to be a puppet for the Idol Corporation!! Only good things will come out of this SEVERE disappointment! - Melissa B, Greeley, CO

I am not sure where to start? Big fan here as I think you were one of the most talented contestants ever on AI! Very disappointed that you did not make the finals where you deserve to be. However, I am looking forward to buying your first CD, so Melinda please make that CD as soon as possible! When you come to Orange County, I will be there to see you perform. I love your voice and the incredible range that you have shown throughout the competition and I love the power and beauty of your voice. Hang in there Melinda and keep the confidence flowing because your fans know how gifted you are and we will always be there to support you! By the way, I am boycotting the finals and the show until they find a better way of voting instead of leaving it in the hands of teenage girls and young adults to determines who moves on. Thanks for the great ride and God bless!  - Dirk C, Irvine, CA

Ok, I guess Melinda may have an opportunity to read this so: Melinda, I don't watch reality shows much but after watching Dancing With The Stars last year and having the privilege to watch Emmitt Smith win, I was talked into trying American Idol this year from the first show. So I saw you from scratch and followed you too the shocking end last night. I wanted to first apologize for being one of the complacent ones (I'm sure there where many) that just thought "Oh she's going to make it to the final" and not voting, for that I had a rather remorseful day today at work. Having said that I don't have to tell you that you're going to get your shot as I'm typing I'm sure there are things in the works that I have no idea of. It was a pleasure and thank you so much for making what I thought would be painful (watching a reality show) into such a thrilling experience, I can't wait to see where you're career is going to head into. You're an amazing talent and I WILL BUY YOUR FIRST CD that is a BIG deal for me as I don't usually buy CD's. Anyway I feel better now as I've at least attempted too contact the Lady who gave me so much entertainment and excitement for all of those weeks since AI started. One thing I would humbly suggest..... Accept you're Good matter a fact DARN GOOD, somehow figure out how to do that and keep your humility. I'll be waiting for that First CD..!! PEACE! - Bryce S, Dallas, TX

Melinda stands head and shoulders above all the others as a singer, and performer. If American Idol was really a singing competition, she would have already won. Melinda should go on to a successful career. I know I'll buy her first album and I'm not even a pop music fan. After Sanjaya got as far as he did, nobody should think that American Idol is not ultimately, a popularity contest. We saw it last year too, when a far better singer came in second. This year Melinda was voted off because she wasn't 17 and cute and/or a guy and cute. I don't want to take anything away from Jordin and Blake. They are both very, very good. Blake is a wonderfully talented, inventive musician and a good singer. Jordin has a fabulous voice and ultimately may become the best singer, but not now. She is, after all, only 17. If she continues to develop her voice she will be great. If she works her voice too hard she may destroy it, like so many other exploited young singers have done. I sincerely hope that does not happen. - Phil F, San Jose, CA

Me and my family voted for Melinda every week we took turns calling in votes for her, we called the whole two hours every week and the nights that the voting lasted longer we still called the whole time until the lines was close, we were very shocked that she got voted off because her line stayed busy the whole time, we programmed our phone with all of her numbers for each voting night we called each line we got in some votes but it was hard to because her lines was busy, we felt as though she had been cheated, especially since we had called the whole time that voting lasted and her phone was busy 99% of the time, we have watched every American idol show except for the first year because we didn't know anything about it, and we voted for our favorite idol every year for the duration of the voting time that the lines was open. this year is the first year that we didn't watch the last two shows because we felt that her vote was not done fairly we felt as though she was cheated out of her chance to win, we wasn't the only one that didn't watch the last two shows a lot of people in our North Carolina town didn't watch for the same reason. Melinda after everything is said and done you are the winner, the lord has something special for you, that is why you didn't win on American idol. Being the American idol would have prevented you from being all that you can be, this way you can't be prevented from doing the things the way the lord have intended for you there's no American idol contract stopping you from soaring with your career. when you get to the top of the charts without American idol you will see just like my family now see being the American Idol wasn't good enough for you, your talent deserves a higher nomination than that and you will get that nomination quicker by not being the American Idol. you didn't win the American Idol show, but you are an America Idol in the eyes of my family and all the people that voted for you. We will be buying all of your Cd's and you will be #1 on the charts. Keep soaring you will reach the gold at the end of the rainbow.  - Emma, North Carolina

I have never been such a big fan of anyone. My family teases me, they are like "oh no there she goes watching a recording of Melinda on AI again!" They do like her too though. I am a fan of all of the female Motown singers like Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner saw her in concert on her last tour) but I really don't compare her to them. There is no one like Melinda, I swear she is the best singer I have ever heard! I like a variety of music but I cannot wait until her first cd comes out! I am going to the AI concert in Aug in Ohio & I'm only going so I can see her. About her getting voted off, I was shocked & tears were streaming down my face but I was so proud of her, she took it with such grace, not only is she a great singer she is a beautiful person. She also has a great sense of humor. She made me laugh watching her behind the scenes videos & interviews. I've heard people say she had an unfair advantage over the other singers because she is already a professional but she is a professional back up singer, she wasn't on her own & she was trying to get out on her own otherwise she wouldn't have been on the show. She had every right to be on AI. I think most people, all of the ones that have ears know that she was the best singer on the show & I really don't think it's a matter of opinion, I mean it was obvious come on!! I suppose the teeny boppers thought Jordin or Blake sounded better or they just blocked Melinda out because they could relate to Blake & Jordin better & just thought they were cool but it's not about who's cool! Just like a lot of them got sent home before they should have. How many sang better than Sanjaya, I sing better than him! Anyway it's over now & I'm sure we will hear more about Melinda than anyone ever on AI. I don't think there has ever been such controversy over someone getting voted off of AI as much as there has been for her. I can't wait to see her! I wish I could meet her! I love you Melinda!!! - Joann, OHIO

Sure, the vote that sent Melinda home from American Idol was a vote in favor of mediocrity over brilliance. And it was improperly managed. I called dozens of times the night before trying to vote for Melinda on all 3 numbers (-3, -6, -9) and they were continuously busy -- I couldn't get my vote in! But none of that matters. What matters now is Melinda getting into a recording studio and releasing a record of her American Idol hits. Then the free market will take over and we will see who prevails!  - George D, Dover, NH

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