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Melinda Doolittle Voted Off Early
Perhaps the Biggest Fan Blunder to Date!

Months later we still cannot bring ourselves to accept the reality of Melinda being eliminated before the elimination of what is, at best, sub-par talents. Nevertheless, she was eliminated. As you can see, we did not cover the finals of American Idol this season because once Melinda departed, there was really no talent left to discuss nor evaluate! 

Perhaps another top Idol was struck down by Idol voters too soon.  We've seen it before:  Tamyra Gray, Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, LaToya London and more.  Depending on your opinion, perhaps many more.  Nevertheless, Melinda was pushed aside for mediocre talent at best.  Blake Lewis;  We love him, but he'll have about as many hit records as Justin Guarini.  Jordin Sparks?  A fan favorite by far and a tremendous talent.  A diamond in the rough?  Hardly.  A star in the making?  We don't think so.  Time will tell but we've heard little to date about the top 2 idol finalists at a time where records could and should be flying off the shelves.

Don't get us wrong.  We enjoyed the sixth season of Idol and thought the talent was good.  However, there wasn't a single voice among the final twelve that came close to Melinda Doolittle.  No talent in the competition could match her and no performer could compare.  While some criticized Melinda's bashful and overly humble attitude from early on, the fact is that this was Melinda Doolittle.  Warm hearted, genuine, sincere and of course an amazing singer.  She had no gimmic.  She wasn't 19 years old.  There was nothing that would endear a teenage voter to her as there was with Blake and the younger Jordin Sparks.  Melinda was undoubtedly hurt by the demographic that is the majority of all American Idol voters.  The same people who voted off Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson and Tamyra Gray, kept Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks around beyond their American Idol shelf life.  And so it goes.  Let's check in with the final two in a couple of years and see if they are sharing the withering spotlight with Taylor Hicks - who by the way - has already begun his inevitable journey into oblivion.  All of these performers are terrific people, talented than the ordinary "shower singer" for sure.  And they will turn their 15 minutes of fame into perhaps a couple of hours. They'll gain notoriety, they'll earn more money than they would have had it not been for American Idol.  None of these past Idol contestants however, will ever earn the money, respect and recognition of a Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry and others.

Perhaps being voted off of Idol unjustly and early will be the best thing for Melinda Doolittle.  Just look at Daughtry and Jenifer Hudson today.  The write-ins we received and continue to receive until this very day are incredible.  We urge you to keep them coming and tell us what you think!





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